“After trying various methods of hair removal , I’ve  found  something that truely works.  I couldn’t be happier with the results. Each consultation undertaken was professional and comfortable, more importantly   after only just two treatments on my underarms I’m hair free. If I consider how much I’ve spent at other salons  on waxing , threading and laser (which was not effective) the treatment used at The Laser Studio was the most effective result I’ve experienced.”

Anthea Razack, Travel consultant

“Being a professional, taking care of your family and trying to find time for yourself is difficult. You often tend to sacrifice your own time at the expense of achieving some balance in your life. When it comes to hair removal that becomes your last priority. Its easier to just adjust your clothes for the day than to factor in the time required to shave. Laser hair removal has been the best decision that I have made and going to Shivanie at the Laser Studio has been a worthwhile experience for me. I have seen fantastic results and do not regret trying laser hair removal. Congratulations to Shivanie on setting up an aesthetically pleasing and hygienically superior clinic which is leagues ahead of any other I have attended.
I feel that the treatment I have had here has been of an excellent standard and although initially a bit hesitant to reveal very intimate parts of my body for very personal treatment, I would not hesitate to recommend the Laser Studio to any friend or colleague of mine. Shivanie has offered me a discrete, professional and uniquely caring service, with keen follow up advice and the kind of continuity that portrays her confidence in her product.
Thanks Shivanie! I wish you all the best!”
Dr Kavi Naidu
Ophthalmologist/Retinal specialist

“My Laser Studio experience- Shivanie  genuinely cares about the comfort of her clients and to that end creates a relaxing, calm environment for each session.  Most importantly, she cares about results, which is amazing, Not only has the hair disappeared, but the complexion of my face has a more even tone.
feeling and looking better “painless  🙂 “

Suvaksha Singh, Dentist

Vaan had been trying to get me to try laser for a long time. I was very sceptical due to horror stories that various friends had mentioned through their experiences at different salons. After multiple complaints about in  growns, I decided to try. And I regretted not doing it sooner! Laser hair removal was the best decision I ever made, but the best part about it, was my choice of salon with The Laser Studio in Randburg. The Laser Studio’s slogan is Pain Free, Hair Free….and every word is true! I have lasered most areas on my body, and I have no regrets, no hair and have experienced zero pain! My legs were my worst, I shaved every day, and experienced horrible ingrowns and bumps and rashes all over. Shaving and waxing never helped. Now, 8 laser sessions later, I have to tweeze these 3 stubborn hairs that emerge about 8 weeks later! My skin all over has improved so much, and I honestly couldn’t recommend this enough. Another huge bonus about The Laser Studio are the owners. Both Vandhna and Shivanie are incredible, and they take such care in ensuring you are comfortable and understand the process, and make it the easiest process. My only regret about laser is that I waited so long to try it! The Laser Studio is definitely the best laser salon around, go try them!!!!
Raksha Naidoo.

I have been doing laser on my face for a few years now and I was never happy with the results until I started my laser treatments with The Laser Studio. Shivanie is extremely professional, honest and meticulous. I have had amazing results with The Laser Studio. Hair removal is something I no longer have to worry about thanks to the laser studio.
Venisha Reddy.