Frequently Asked Questions

Which areas of the body can be treated?

Areas that are mostly treated are legs, underarms, bikini line, back, stomach, face and neck.

How many treatments are required?

A typical treatment lasts less than one hour and usually 6-8 treatments are required for long-lasting hair removal, depending on the area
being treated. With both the Soprano ice and the Harmony lite hand-pieces, treatment area can be wide and
sessions go quickly.


Is it Suitable for Males?

Yes, men comprise a large percentage of our clients. In contrast to other hair removal technologies, the Alma laser technology uses an
IN-Motion technology, which is a rolling technique that scans the area, rather than focusing on one hair at a time, thus providing males
with a true pain free solution for all areas containing dense hair.


Will the Hair Return?

Hair that is treated effectively during your treatment program will be almost 90% reduced. It is possible for some individuals to develop
some new hair in the treated area after treatment has been completed, Maintenance sessions will be needed.
This is due to mainly hormonal imbalance.

How Long until I can be Exposed to the Sun?

Within 1 week after treatment or less. This is in contrast to Laser technologies that recommend 3-6 months waiting before exposure to
the sun, and the IPL technology that recommend a minimum of 2 weeks.
Sunblock is important whether you are doing laser or not.

Why should I choose Alma Beauty’s  hair removal system?

Alma Beauty is backed by Alma Lasers, a pioneer and industry leader in developing medical aesthetic technologies. Alma Lasers’
treatments are tested by a group of leading physicians and medical specialists in over 40 countries around the world.
Soprano ice and Harmony lite are part of a family of medically tested products and has been clinically proven to deliver hair removal
treatment that is safe, long-lasting, and effective. The patented pulsed light technology offers all of the advantages of hair removal lasers
with no discomfort or skin damage.


Is the treatment painful?

Alma lasers gradual-heating treatments are virtually pain-free and comfortable. Many even compare these sessions to having a “hot-
stone massage.” The patented IN-Motion technology works in continuous motion – a technique that means effective, comprehensive hair removal without pain or skin damage.

Are the treatments safe?

Yes. We are FDA approved. There are little or no side effects.

Will this help with ingrown hairs?

This is the one treatment that attacks the root of the ingrown hair problem.
It reduces dark spots caused by ingrown hairs.

Why so many treatments?

Hair removal works best when the hair is in the anagen phase.
At no point is all the hair in the same phase, therefore multiple treatments and maintenance sessions will be needed.

How old should one be to consider laser hair removal?

While 18 is the ultimate age due to hormonal imbalance, we will treat every client
individually and act accordingly.
We have many clients that are in urgent need of laser, even if they have not reached 18.

Will the hair return?

Each client is different. While hair that is lasered may not come back, new hair can make an appearance.

Can you laser while pregnant?

No, pregnancy is a contraindication.

Can I laser while breast feeding?

Yes, laser during breast feeding is acceptable.

Will the hair return after pregnancy?

Due to the influx of hormones during pregnancy, hair could return. However a few sessions after pregnancy will suffice.

Can you laser while on Roaccutane?

No – Only 5/6 months post treatment, with discretion.

Can you do peels or facials while you are in the process of having your laser treatments done?

 Yes, one week before your laser treatment or one week after should be fine.